Arizer Solo Glass Mouthpiece Stem – Bent


Arizer Solo Vaporizer Bent Glass Mouthpiece is the replacement aromatherapy glass tube for Arizer Solo Vaporizers. It allows ergonomic handle of your Arizer Solo. This replacement glass mouthpiece is designed to deliver full flavor vapor. It fits in all Arizer Solo models.

This mouthpiece is designed to replace the existing bent mouthpiece that accompanies the original Arizer Solo Vaporizer. Constructed of clear borosilicate glass, the Arizer Solo Vaporizer Curved Mouthpeice features a built in glass sceen and measures 5″ in length, 3/8″ in diameter at the top, 1/2″ in diameter at the base.


This is a glass mouthpiece stem available for the Arizer Solo. The straight mouthpiece. OEM and direct from the Manufacturer Arizer. It’s good to have as an extra or in case you want to share your Arizer Solo with a friend.


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