Titan 2 Vaporizer kit by Hebe



What is important to you when you select your vaporizer? Do you want a large chamber? Is it important to heat up fast? Are you tired of those small pens which often burn the material?

The Titan 2 Vaporizer by Hebe offers a true vaporizing experience. The heating element never touches the aromatherapy material. No burning is ever experienced. The large chamber lasts a long time. The temperature can be custom set between 200 and 428 degrees Fahrenheit.  The temperature range assure you are getting the maximum benefit desired from you araomtherapy material. The unit is fast heating and gets about 4 sessions on a full charge. The quick recharge means you are ready to go right away. Keep it clean and it will last! Small and portable, ready when you are. Get yours today!

The Hebe Titan II Vaporizer provides the most desirable vaping experience with a thick and clear vapor output with customizable temperatures ranging between 200F and 428F. The Titan II comes with a unique memory function that keeps the same temperature set for when users return for vaping session. Its broad heating chamber offers make the unit easy to clean and refill your material.

Kit contains:

One Titan 2 Vaporizer with self contained battery.

Owners manual

3 rubber extension mouth pieces

USB Charger

Wall plug

Brush Cleaning tool

3 Replacement screens

Ships within 24 hours

Not for tobacco, for aromatherapy only.


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